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Eddie Lang began to play single-line lead jazz solos

Before musicians such as Eddie Lang began to play single-line lead jazz solos, guitars were just part of the rhythm section.
Eddie Lang is widely acknowledged as the first significant jazz guitarist His single-note playing with jazz orchestras during the 1920s marked the beginning of the guitar as a solo instrument in the genre.

Born in Philadelphia in 1902. Lang was the son of a guitar maker. He started learning the violin at an early age but had switched to the guitar by the time he was 10. After working with bands in his hometown, he joined the Mound City Blue Blowers in 1924. They toured the US and Europe, and Lang quickly earned a reputation as America's best jazz guitarist'. He joined Paul Whiteman’s orchestra in 1929 before becoming Bing Crosby's accompanist. He was soon one of the best-paid musicians of the day but tragically, he died at the peak of his career in 1933. after a 'routine tonsillectomy operation' went wrong.